Thank you for taking a peek at the services I provide as a lifestyle coach and private chef encouraging plant-focused eating for health and sustainability.

I'm dedicated to building authentic and transformative relationships with my clients based upon a formula of empathy, careful preparation and realistic goal setting. Based in Los Angeles, California I consult clients throughout the United States as well as Internationally. I am available for travel and I specialize in creating personalized plant-focused menus and lifestyle regimens for weight-loss, healing for degenerative or chronic illness, and wellness maintenance. In addition to private coaching, I host workshops, teach cooking classes for adults and children, and provide hospitality consulting. I customize each service to meet my client's needs, aligning with their personal and professional obligations.

Everyone should be able to adopt a healthy lifestyle with ease and enthusiasm. I'm here to help. Please drop me a line within the contact form below for all inquiries. Looking forward to connecting with you! 


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Initial Evaluation


The nutritional health coaching evaluation asseses where you are today through an in-depth look at your eating and lifestyle practices. Through this evaluation, we’ll begin to set health and wellness goals and determine the best course of action for you. Disorders that are treated often include fatigue, digestive problems, headaches and migraines, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, skin issues, candida overgrowth and more.

The 30-min evaluation will take place over the phone or via Skype.

Plant-based Lifestyle Coaching


This 3-month program provides support and guidance for those who want to embark on a path to a lifetime of wellness. The program addresses specific health and lifestyle concerns and develops a customized plan that takes your individual needs and daily lifestyle into account.

By working one-on-one, I’m able to integrate a plan into your existing schedule and make sure that your reach your wellness goals. The plan is broken down into bite-sized action steps and tailored to the way that you live, allowing for long-lasting and sustainable change. It is accompanied by wellness guides, grocery lists, and customized meal planning.

This package offers: 1 30-min initial evaluation + 6 support sessions (3 60-min and 3 30-min)





The 6-month program is for those who have a deep desire to start a journey towards transformation and healing and offers a bundle of sessions at a discounted rate. This pack is great for those who have a history of chronic issues or those looking to make radical transformation in the way they are living. Like the 3-month program, I will spend time getting to know you and your health history as well as setting attainable and actionable health goals. It is accompanied by wellness guides, grocery lists, and customized meal planning. 

This package offers: 1 initial evaluation + 12 follow-up sessions (3 60-min, and 9 30-min)

Jumpstart to plant-based Wellness

This package offers a head start for those looking for a total reset in the kitchen and establishes a solid foundation to health through nutrition. Through working together, we will create a custom plan tailored to suit your lifestyle. We will cook healthy favorites together, head to the grocery store to decipher how to make smart choices that suit your health and wellness goals, clean out your pantry and discover how to decode labels, as well as spend time digging deeper into your specific health concerns. At the end of the program you will be able to hit the ground running!

The package includes: 1 Cooking Class (2 hours), 1 Grocery Store Tour (1 hour), 1 Pantry Clean Out (90-min) + 4 Health Coaching Sessions (2 60-min, 2 30-min)

in-home Cooking Lessons


Through cooking together, you’ll learn how to make healthy, delicious dishes that are easily integrated into your weekly routine. The lessons are completely tailored to what you want to learn and cover everything from basic knife skills and cooking techniques to clean breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. All menus and classes are custom tailored to fit your likes, needs, and interests, and copies of the recipes will be provided after so you can make the dishes again!

My cooking lessons are great for everyone, whether you abide by a gluten free, vegan, or paleo diet, or are just starting (or have an interest in learning) to cook healthy food in an uncomplicated way.

Classes are taught privately or for groups of up to 8-people.

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