EAT REAL OR DIE® Organic Liquid Detox

EAT REAL OR DIE® Organic Liquid Detox

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Jumpstart your health goals with an incredible liquid fruit, vegetable and superfood detox that will reset your body’s cravings and take you out of that processed food pleasure trap! The EatRealorDie® Detox features 6 juices and tinctures that are designed to give you optimal liquid nutrition while successfully helping your body’s system fight unhealthy cravings. This juice program is the first step to truly begin your long-term goals for the healthiest relationship with food you’ve ever had!


·       6 Juices (Daily)

·       3 Days Recommended


Almond Cashew Mylk + Cinnamon + Raw Honey

Lemon + Cayenne + Raw Honey + Chia

Carrot + Pineapple + Ginger + Turmeric

Beet + Blackberry + Spinach + Lemon + Ginger

Spirulina + Blueberry + Apple + Lemon

Aloe + Water + Lemon

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