Lunch Run

Finding quality Vegan or Plant-based food options is always somewhat of a struggle for me and if you’re someone who is particular with what you put into your body, I’m sure “the struggle is real” for you too. When I'm in my hometown of Philly, a go-to choice for lunch or breakfast that never lets me down is Metropolitan Bakery and Cafe. Located in Rittenhouse Square and known for their artisanal pastries, bread and prepared foods, Metropolitan Bakery never lacks in that made-from-scratch texture, flavor and delicacy.

Next time I’m all about the Apple Brown Betty and Vegetable Gratin

Chalkboard menu with daily selection of hand-made plant-based and vegan options for eat in and take out

I always order Metropolitan’s fresh squeezed juices. When in season, make sure to get the fresh squeezed blood orange juice. It’s amazing.

I’ve never liked hummus much, despite it’s plant protein power. Frankly I’ve just always found it to be boring. However, as hummus is becoming more popular on restaurant menus and as a grab and go snacking option, I have encountered some of the best hummus recipes EVER! Now, with my developing palate for hummus, even I have even been lauded for my hummus recipe! (mine is borrowed from Ina Garten LOL) So when I saw hummus written on the chalkboard menu, my lunch problem was solved. Metropolitan Cafe’s hummus is sooooo good and their toasts for scooping are LEGIT the best tasting crostini/toasts I’ve ever had. Yes, I am aware that it is just bread, olive oil and salt… But remember these toasts are made from artisanal baguettes by bakers who know exactly what they are doing. Yuhmmmeee!

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made of Chickpeas, Lemon, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Tahini (a sesame seed paste) and sometimes pepper or hot sauce for added zing . Chickpeas are “pulse” aka a grain-legume similar to beans and contains a little more than 8g of protein per 3.5oz of cooked chickpeas. Outside of a hummus preparation, I love to add whole chickpeas to soups, salads, and stews.

Oh Hey. Let me smile for this photo like it isn’t freezing out here!

Coat: Vintage (Courtesy of my Grandmother Meremom,) Denim Shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: H&M, Sneaks: New Balance, Lip Color: MAC “Lady Danger”